General Information & Philosophy

Knowledge Welcome to our online site.  Our coaching philosophy is really simple, which is, to holistically teach the concepts of organized football.  Football leagues, are at its core, organized football, regardless of if it’s tackle, flag, or touch football.  While there are no pads, no tackling, and few yardage markings, in this league, the team concepts, strategies, and fundamental tactics are the same.  The hope is that players develop “brains for the game”, and demystify the many things about football that even the most ardent fans that haven’t played wonder about.  An interesting tidbit, nationally ranked high school athletes are now evaluated at “skill” positions  (QB, WR, RB, CB, S) by collegiate recruiters, in elite touch football tournaments to avoid injury to ‘blue chippers’, times are changing.  If this were not interesting enough, these games are broadcast on national cable networks.

Read This I got involved with flag football as my boys wanted to play, but I didn’t want them exposed to the rigors of tackle based on my personal experience.   phentermine alone order soma online usa 2 tramadol and 2 paracetamol Like my fellow coaches I’ve have been around and played many sports throughout our youth, including football. My football story has influenced why I have embraced flag football.  mouse click I was a grade advanced, and played RB.  Given that I played with older boys, at an age when differences in body sizes are already exacerbated for kids the same age, I quickly that I was about 40 pounds lighter than the average player, and in several cases outweighed by well over 100 pounds.  Drills focused on daily physical contact, pads were typically ill fitting, and coaching was mediocre at best, with little to no focus on techniques and player safety, but lots of focus on toughness.  I clearly recall a team mate playing with (hiding) a hair line fracture in his foot, for a half season prior to getting attention.  My result were nightly ice baths and Ibuprofen, in an era, where that’s what ‘real’ RB’s dealt with, even for a 7th and 8th grader.  Consequently, I decided to stop playing before most careers start, as I couldn’t image 4 years of that same ‘fun’ in High School.  In hindsight it was a safe decision, as I didn’t put on weight until much later in H.S. At the same time, I reveled in my cousins football experience, who was essentially like my ‘big brother’.  He was a captained for the B.C. Eagles back in the, “The Flutie era”, played and won big collegiate bowl games, and even progressed to have a few ‘cups of coffee’ in the NFL linebacker / Defensive End.  Seeing his journey firsthand, was beyond captivating, and rewarding to see how much joy, and how many lifetime friends and great experiences the game brought to him.  And I believe football is uniquely one of the rare games that can bring this type of team experience.  

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Alot more xanax tolerance go down can you buy phentermine 37.5 online methylprednisolone taken with xanax We coach, practice, we warm up, and we play as a football team as opposed to the typical approach of running flag football teams as a sandlot or school recess league, with adult supervision.  next page Our experience thus far has been, the more information we have provided our players, the more interested and vested the players have become.  Our players are taught to abide by and exude three core values as part of our team.  They are:  1.) Support each other 2.) Play Competitively 3.) Have Fun.  All of our players are taught this on day one, and we do our best to reinforce it throughout the season.

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Web site web page link switching from klonopin to valium buy adipex legally online can you snort lorazepam 0.5 mg This league and others are progressing, with many more parent coaches evolving their approach.  This is making for a more competitive and interesting experience for all players.  It is also enhancing development, particularly as flag football continues to be the fastest growing youth sport in the nation, even in places renown for youth tackle such as Texas, Florida, and California.

reference All said, we’re just dads that are having some fun coaching on the sidelines.   Post We try not to take ourselves too seriously, and are more often than not, pretty self deprecating.  We see it as a privilege to work with all of our players and embrace all levels of abilities, while remaining sensitive to individual’s developmental needs.  A lot more Like many of you, we’re thankful that this outlet of playing football is becoming widely adopted as an alternative for early youth tackle.  And we’re particularly thankful that the pads, blows, sprains, strains, concussions, and contusions, which burned me and many other players out much too early, is now limited to primarily just  the incidental contact of any sport. Our Program Focused on the Development of the individual player and the team, achieved through:
  1. Training around fundamental football concepts on Offense & Defense
  2. Development of football skills at the ‘skill positions’ QB, WR, RB, DB, Rushers
  3. Re-enforced through specific drills tied to the development of the player
  4. Situational game-play without defenders
  5. Situational game play with defenders / scrimmage Practice Overview

  1. Team Meeting (5 minutes)
    1. Review Previous Game
    2. Discuss Highlights & Development Needs
    3. Provide Overview of Practice
  2. Warm up (15 Minutes)
    1. Hamstring and Quad Stretches
    2. 2 X 200 yard Jogs
    3. Football Throw & Catch
  3. Initial Skills
    1. Running
    2. Agility
    3. Throwing
    4. Passing
    5. Catching

does alprazolam get old how to buy lorazepam comparison valium xanax Offensive and Defensive Concepts

  1. Lateral
  2. Running
  3. Passing
  1. Tackling
    1. Flag Capture Drills
    2. Team Tackling Tactics
  2. Run Defensive Plays
    1. Edge Trap
    2. Run Blitz
  3. Passing Defensive Plays
    1. Zone Defense
    2. Man to Man Concepts
    3. Double Coverage Man Zone

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  1. Water bottle
  2. Plastic bag
  3. Hand Towel
  4. Flag Belt set
  5. Mouthpiece
  6. Play Sheet

click here Integration of New Players

  1. Rookies will take place in all team drills
  2. During play schemes and walk through, rookies will be working on 1:1 fundamentals (passing, catching, throwing, flag tackling, footwork, while veterans work on offense and defensive schemes)
  3. Expectation that red shirts will mainly play defense primarily during the first 2-3 games
  4. By game 4 new players will be integrated into the system on offense and defense, possibly
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